Specialising in higher education management, strategy and planning, regulation and quality assurance, we co-produce practical solutions that support your vision, mission and operations

Our team of specialists in Australia and the UK partner with you to deliver positive results in:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Assist prior to sale
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Assess levels of compliance
  • Facilitate post transaction integration/separation

Strategic Planning & Development

  • Develop business planning frameworks
  • Establish funding and pricing strategies
  • Conduct functional, faculty and school reviews
  • Establish platforms for dual accreditation across borders


  • Respond to regulatory decisions and actions
  • Review and improve policy suites
  • Assist with regulatory applications for new and existing providers
  • Conduct compliance audits


  • Conduct corporate and academic governance reviews
  • Design corporate and academic governance systems
  • Advise on board composition and shareholder arrangements

Risk Management

  • Respond to regulatory assessments and indicators
  • Review third party, offshore and WIL arrangements
  • Develop and improve risk registers
  • Devise and embed rectification plans

Change Management

  • Advise on workforce planning
  • Design and conduct structural reviews
  • Recruit senior executives, academic leaders and board members
  • Develop operating models

Data Analytics

  • Evaluate program and market growth
  • Assess organisational KPIs and performance
  • Collate business intelligence and benchmarks
  • Develop student profile models


Since starting Wells Advisory in 2016, we have advised:

  • public universities including Australian Catholic University, Swinburne University, the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and University of Tasmania on major projects at the most senior levels;
  • large state-owned public TAFE’s including Holmesglen Institute on major projects at senior levels;
  • on a number of corporate acquisitions in the sector, including as lead commercial and regulatory advisor in the successful acquisition of a UK university;
  • more than 30 registered private higher education providers, ranging from niche micro providers to large education groups, including half of these in relation to successful reregistration;
  • more than 20 aspiring private higher education providers on potential acquisitions and greenfield applications to TEQSA, including helping five of these (to date) gain initial registration; and
  • Independent Higher Education Australia on lobbying for COVID-19 support, specifically in relation to introducing a new Undergraduate Certificate into the AQF (short courses).
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