Leading Experts in the Advancement and Quality of Higher Education & Research

Wells Advisory is a leading management consulting firm with a dedicated focus on higher education and intersections with vocational education, research and innovation, and health systems. With teams on the ground in Australia and the UK, and serving clients globally, Wells Advisory aligns strategy, regulation and governance through a deep understanding of higher education markets, the academic core, and rapidly evolving business models.

The Wells Advisory team works with leaders and key decision-makers in public and private sectors. Our clients include a significant number of universities, private higher education providers, investors and government, as well as the rapidly emerging services sector. Our consultants, many of whom have held senior roles in universities and sector regulators, are trusted advisers who help our clients make difficult decisions about complex issues that require significant judgement based on experience, expertise, and evidence.

The Wells Advisory team is adept at project design and delivery, implementation, analysis, and co-producing practical solutions. We have substantial expertise across multiple domains, including:

  • Strategy and strategic planning
  • Regulation and policy
  • Research and Research Commercialisation
  • Corporate governance and accountability
  • Leadership, management and structure
  • Mergers, acquisitions, investment and due diligence
  • Commercial and financial analysis
  • Partnerships and complex multi-party commercial arrangements

Our consulting services are in demand because of increasing diversity in the sector, evolving national and international educational landscapes, and the deepening impact of regulation.’ Michael Wells, Director