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in the UK

In the UK, Wells Advisory partners with clients across the higher education sector, providing advice, guidance and support on strategy and operations in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Services we provide

For clients in the UK, or investing in the UK, our team combined senior UK-based consultants, with team members based in Australia and elsewhere, have a collective experience and track record in assisting universities worldwide to find solutions to some of their most challenging problems. A selection of our global service offering is set out below.

  • Higher Education New Provider Registration

    We offer a range of consultancy services to support new higher education providers with UK market entry.

  • Inward Investment

    We provide M & A and brokerage advice for investment in higher education providers in the UK.

  • Partnership and franchise arrangements

    We assist higher education providers in negotiating appropriate UK and international partnership arrangements to suit their particular purposes.

  • Governance and leadership

    We have in depth understanding and appreciation of the governance structures required to achieve success at a strategic level as well as fulfilling legal and regulatory compliance.

  • Portfolio review

    We have considerable expertise in conducting portfolio reviews in higher education provision to ensure that the curriculum offer is fit-for-market and fit-for-purpose in relation to institutional mission.

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Who are we?

Wells Advisory is a management consulting firm that focusses exclusively on the higher education sector. For the UK market, our local team is composed of a number of highly experienced educational professionals who have occupied some of the most senior positions in UK Higher Education and its associated organisations. We are also experienced in public affairs and government relations. Where the team requires additional professional advice and support, it can draw on well-established relationships with legal and accountancy firms and professionals. Moreover, our UK team is augmented by the wider Wells Advisory team to provide additional consultancy support.

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