Professor Richard Speed

Principal Advisor

Ph.D. (Loughborough)
B.A. Hons (Oxford)

Richard is widely recognised as an exceptional higher education leader with expertise that covers international and domestic student recruitment, business school management, academic performance, building regional partnerships and networks, and leading transformation initiatives. Richard is a marketing academic by discipline. His research interests focus on techniques for building and sustaining valuable brands, and he has a particular interest in the use of sponsorship as a marketing resource, and in using marketing in non-profit settings, including politics, public service delivery and education.┬áHe has published more than 100 academic works, including journal articles, books, chapters and conference papers. In a distinguished career, Richard has held the roles of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global & Regional) and Executive Deputy Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at La Trobe University, and Associate Dean and Professor of Strategic Marketing at Melbourne Business School. He has lectured in marketing at King’s College London.

Richard partners with Wells Advisory clients with a particular focus on student recruitment and marketing strategies, international education initiatives, business school reviews, academic performance, regional delivery, community engagement and partnerships, and brand and reputation management.