Wells Advisory launches UK Office

Wells Advisory welcomes our colleagues in England and the beginning of a new chapter in our operations.

Our expansion into the UK market is timely in light of England’s new regulatory approach to higher education. The shift from quality assurance to risk-based regulation follows a model Australia adopted in 2012. As our Australian team can attest, the ensuing demands on the higher education regulator and providers are sizeable.

The impact of the regulatory framework on England’s higher education institutions is likely to be immediate:

  • Russell Group institutions in particular will be interested in good risk-taking governance internally. A key issue will be how to ensure that external monitoring continues to respect institutional autonomy and co-regulation, while providing genuine transparency and accountability, not least for access and widening participation.
  • Post-1992 institutions will want good strategic guidance as they deliver excellence and ensure a high reputation in areas of particular focus around distinctive missions, in teaching and learning, research, and civic engagement, or a chosen combination drawn from these elements.
  • Independent higher education institutions will be looking to meet the Office of Students’ (OfS) regulatory requirements and conditions, including attaining degree-awarding powers and university title, seeking excellent and experienced advice.

As Professor Roger King, our UK Director and Chair explains, ‘Data is the key instrument for the achievement of OfS regulation and an increasing requirement for institutions will be providing examples of good practice in their data governance functions. Wells Advisory offers leading-edge data and information management advice to institutions.’

Our UK Executive Director, Professor Mary Bishop, adds that ‘in the context of the Industrial Strategy – and with a focus on the need to fill skills gaps and also deliver academic qualifications to meet employer needs – the use of integrated qualifications is increasingly important. Wells Advisory has both the expertise and experience to advise institutions in this important area.’

Like our Australian team, our UK Directors and Principal Advisors have walked in the shoes of Vice-Chancellors, CEOs, governors and executives. They offer advice informed by personal experience and sector-wide knowledge. We are proud and privileged to have them on board.

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